I’d like to get an opinion from an experienced professional. How do I find such person on Ambroi?
Whether you’re looking for technical or market related advice, Ambroi lets you select executives or other specialists and schedule a conference call directly.
  1. Find a relevant person by typing keywords in the search field. Then review the profiles.
  2. Select a professional if you’ve found a match.
What if I can’t find an advisor on Ambroi?

If your search on Ambroi doesn’t result in finding an advisor who’s relevant in your specific case, please contact our research team via email or via the telephone number on the website. We’ll assist you in finding the right person within 24 hours.

How do I schedule a call?
After selecting a profile you can start scheduling a call with an advisor.
  1. Click on ‘Request Call’ from the advisor's profile page.
  2. On the next page add your question in more detail, indicate the amount of minutes you’d like to talk, and offer up to three dates for a call.
  3. Review your request and click on 'Submit' after prepaying for the conference call via PayPal in case the advisor opted for paid consultations.

The advisor will receive a notification after which he or she can accept the call request, offer an alternative time, or decline the request if your question isn’t in his or her field of expertise.

How do I access the conference call on the scheduled day?
Ambroi offers two ways to access the conference call:
  1. Online, via Ambroi’s built-in voice service. To connect you’ll only need the latest version of Google Chrome, a good internet connection and preferably a headset. Simply access your call via the Ambroi dashboard. N.B. Don’t forget to ‘Allow’ the browser to switch on your microphone through a pop-up in the upper part of the browser.
  2. Via U.K. or U.S. telephone dial-in numbers which you’ll find on your Ambroi dashboard and that you’ll also receive via email prior to the call.
I’d like my colleagues to join the conference room. What should I do?

You may forward your colleagues the dial-in numbers and password that you’ll receive via email which will enable them to join the call.

Can you send me a reminder prior to the call?

Ambroi sends a helpful reminder to all parties via SMS when the conference room is open. To activate sms notifications make sure your mobile number is added in your profile settings - your number always remain private.

IMPORTANT: How can I test Ambroi’s voice service prior to a call?

If you prefer to use Ambroi’s online conference room service from your desktop rather than U.S. or U.K. dial in numbers to get in touch with the advisor then please take the following steps to test the connection quality prior to your call. This is to make sure you’ll be satisfied about the sound quality of Ambroi’s online voice service.

First perform a Test Call which can be done from the homepage. As mentioned, you'll need the latest Google Chrome or Firefox browser, a high speed internet connection and preferably a headset. After clicking on Test Call don’t forget to ‘Allow’ the browser to use your microphone. This message will appear in the top of your browser. Since it has a grey color it is not always immediately visible to the eye. This is a browser specific setting which we unfortunately can’t change.

As a second step we invite you to become familiar with the scheduling process and get connected with one of our representatives for a live test call. The steps are intuitive and straight forward but we we like to avoid you get stuck on the day of the actual call. Please feel free to schedule a live test call with Alexandra.

Please note that at any time you’ll have the U.S. and U.K. dial-in numbers as fall-back option to enter the conference room.

I lost connection how do I get back on the call?

Simply dial back in to access the conference room or refresh your call dashboard to use Ambroi’s online voice. Again, don’t forget to ‘Allow’ the browser to use your microphone.

Can I opt to add minutes to an ongoing call?

Currently the conference room is only open for the time you’ve scheduled. If it’s for example 30 minutes then after this time the conference room will be automatically closed. You’ll get a notification one minute prior to the automatic end of the call. To continue the conversation you’ll need to schedule a new call. Hence, we advice to always schedule a bit more time then you think you’ll need.


Can I cancel a call?

You can always offer an alternative time, cancel the call or even terminate the call during a conversation from your Ambroi dashboard.

Will I be charged a full fee when I terminate the call?

You may terminate the call during a conversation by clicking on “Terminate Call” on your dashboard so that you only pay for the actual time you’ve talked. If you don’t do this you’ll be charged the full fee for the amount you had scheduled initially.


Why are calls pre-paid on Ambroi?

Some advisors opt for paid conversations. To guarantee that advisory fees are received in a timely manner and the advisor is paid out, all paid calls on Ambroi are currently scheduled on a pre-paid basis. The funds get released to the advisor only after the call. In case the call is declined or canceled, the fee will be refunded automatically to your Ambroi account.

How will I be refunded for canceled, declined or terminated calls?

After a call has been cancelled you’ll be refunded to your Ambroi account. If during the conversation you decide you actually need less time to talk with the advisor than you had scheduled then simply press terminate call from your Ambroi dashboard when you’re ready. You’ll then only be charged for the amount you have actually talked.

How does an advisor get paid out?

After the conversation the advisor will receive the fee into his or her account on Ambroi. Upon request Ambroi pays out the amount via PayPal or any other method. Ambroi will subtract a 15% agency fee as well as additional transaction fees depending on the method of pay out. This depends on the region and bank.


I forgot to add a few important details to my query. How can I notify the advisor about this?

Once a call has been created you’ll be able to access a chat session from your dashboard on Ambroi and send more information.

How can I send documents to the advisor?

Once a call has been created you’ll also be able to access a chat session from your dashboard on Ambroi and send documents as attachments.

How do I ensure my conversation remains confidential?

If you share sensitive information we suggest you send a NDA to the advisor prior to the call which can be done through the chat session on your Ambroi dashboard. If you’d like to receive a draft NDA please ask our team to send you one.

How do I write an endorsement?

After the call you’ll be aked to write an endorsement for the advisor. We encourage you to do this as it will greatly help others in their search for experts.

How can I be sure I get quality advice?

The best way is to carefully read people's profiles with their experiences, check their endorsements and connections to form an impression. Since you can add a detailed question prior to the call the advisor knows in advance if your case is in his field of expertise and whether he can be of help. If you have any questions about a profile please contact our team for assistance.

How is Ambroi different from existing research services and online professional networks?

When questions arise and you need to do your due diligence, talking to those with experience makes all the difference. Ambroi has put the processes in place for professionals to easily connect with each other in a more meaningful way.
Ambroi is currently used by investors, SMEs and entrepreneurs to validate projects, get deeper market perspectives and obtain technical expertise.

If you have any questions or problems contact the Ambroi Team via